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Rent Motorola Radios -
at even shorter notice than before.  We have expanded our stock with 150 Motorola GP3688.  Also newly available is the Motorola A8, small, light and comfortable.  Professional radio communication with great terms and conditions...to the Motorola Radios.

The affordable way to hire professional Walkie-Talkies & Radios.

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Hiring of professional Motorola 2-Way-Radios
Motorola radiosare the standard for professional radio communication.  The CP & GP series are used worldwide for film and event productions, security services and by police and fire departments.  You can find out more about the brand we trust here

A vast array of Motorola gear for lease
Walkie-Talkies, 2-way-radios, headsets, earpiece headsets, handheld microphones, replacement batteries, repeater systems to increase signal coverage (if the distance requires it) and much, much more…

Professional-level radio communication
Hire radios including frequencies which are exclusively reserved for us by the Federal Radio Communication Authorities.  This ensures that the frequencies on our Motorola devices are protected against signal scattering.

Super Service
Overnight delivery in Germany by our partner TNT.  No charge for delivery, pick-up and transport days.  24 hour emergency hotline, professional advice and much more…

Business focus and reference

Since the founding of the company in 1998, many companies have been hiring radios from us including construction companies, security services and international film and event producers.

- Hiring earpice headsets to security services
- Hiring Walkie-Talkies to production companies (film and event)
- Motorola radios for exhibition organisations

We’ll be happy to send you some client references upon request – we’ve provided radios to every industry that uses them.

Our clients include:
- The “Top Ten” security services in Germany
- Film companies such as Universal and Munic Movies
- Exhibition organizers
- The “Top Ten” event equipment rental companies in the world

We’d be pleased to impress you with our services and look forward to your email or phone call – or better yet, come by in person and we can answer all of your questions over a cup of coffee.

Or give us a call, we’re glad to provide you with our professional advice and an offer customized to suit your requirements with rebates on large and long-term orders.

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So long dead air!: Motorola Radius GR300 Repeater now available in our rental pool.

Funkger√§te-Verleih has expanded its extensive selection of radio offerings to include the modern Radius GR300 Repeater. For their customers who use the radios in extreme conditions, this will prove to be the advantage they have been looking for. Closed quarters, long distances in city or other locations where the interference factors are numerous and similar environments can influence the functioning of radios and lead to ‚Äúdead spots‚ÄĚ and the unwanted or untimely silence of communication ‚Äď perhaps even minutes before the start of a large event when every second counts to ensure success. But good news ‚Äď these worries are a thing of the past.

With the high-tech Motorola Radius GR300 Repeater now available in the Funkger√§te-Verleih rental pool coverage can be doubled while maintaining uninterrupted reception without any interference. So it is no wonder that these new Motorola Radius GR300 Repeaters are being snapped up like hot cakes ‚Äď we are already re-stocking the Funkger√§te-Verleih.de rental pool to keep up with demand. The radios, which consist of broadcast and receiving units, are pretty popular with our customers at the moment and are waiting for their next... more


Funkgeräte Verleih in Dortmund

Funkgeräte-verleih.de on the “Highway to love“
Perfect technology for the event of the year

It was a spectacular orchestration and the musical highlight of the year: The Loveparade of 2008 entitled “Highway to love“ took place on 19th Juli. This time the setting was the city of Dortmund which really lived up to the motto of the event. The B1, usually an extremely busy main road and one connecting the motorways A40 and A44, was transformed into a boulevard bursting with colour. More than 1.5 million spectators danced and partied to cutting edge music by Westbam, Paulk van Dyk, US-Superstar Moby and other solo artists and groups. It had to be spectacular and at the closing announcement in the vicinity of the Westfalenhalle both the organisers and participants agreed: This year’s Loveparade was not only extravagant, stylish, flamboyant and sexy; it was a great success.

Perfect communication
All this was made possible especially thanks to perfect organisation. Many helping hands, be they workmen or technicians, took care of the entire construction as well as the security and the perfect... more


The new service Funkgeräte-Verleih.de offers a range of professional radio and wireless equipment for worldwide rental via the internet as of immediately.

Funkgeräte-Verleih.de hires out professional Motorola radio and wireless equipment for use at all types of event and media productions. The provider combines outstanding service and excellent conditions. Booking is free and convenient and can be made via a 0800 telephone number or via e-mail. Funkgeräte-Verleih.de delivers radio and wireless equipment and accessories worldwide and overnight.

Complete range of products on offer. Funkgeräte-Verleih.de offers a complete assortment of radio equipment, walkie talkies and accessories such as headsets, loud speaker microphones and repeater systems for maximising coverage. The radio equipment comes with its own assigned frequency which is registered at the Federal Network Agency. This increases tapping security and protects against operational disturbances due to other radio waves.

Experience and outstanding service. The company has been supplying its many clients with radio equipment since 1998.... more

Motorola Radio Hire CP140

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Motorola Radios

When you hire radios from us you get Motorola equipment – high technology, used by police, security services and all major film and event productions... Motorola

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Our Motorola radios are delivered by TNT courier, reliable and affordable.  Always delivered the day before the event and picked up the day after it is over.  Or you can come by and pick them up yourself and have a coffee with us…Transport



Funkgeraete-Verleih.de is there for you 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.  At other times you can reach us 24/7 on our toll free number…Service


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Radio-Hire – we’ve been around for 10 years covering all aspects of event support.  You can lease radios from us which are suitable to your specific needs.


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